Some interesting reading

Writers Read and The Campaign for the American Reader asked me what I’ve been reading lately. I found that a number of common themes emerged, without my having planned it that way – how we appropriate the past; how history and religion interpret the past; how we come to terms with our personal histories, especially later in life. And I found themes of exile and mystery and ambivalence, and of the particular complexities of women’s lives in disparate cultural settings. Click on the links for more.

Environmental theology before Pope Francis

The terrible events in Paris a few days ago now overshadow the upcoming conference on climate change in that city. Nonetheless, the problem of climate change is not going away, and we can still hope for some fruitful if somber discussion. In that context, Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si’ will call for renewed attention. It’s an influential statement and a thoughtful, nuanced document.

But some of what he had to say was not really new. Protestant theologians were discussing similar issues back in the 1960s, often in similar terms. Read more about that conversation in this blog post for the University of North Carolina Press.